ABS – anti-lock braking system

Prevents wheel locking during full braking – the car can be still controlled even when on a slippery road.

ESP – electronic stability control

The ESP system can calculate ideal conditions under which the vehicle can take a turn in a second. When the calculated data do not correspond with the actual situation, the system puts the vehicle into the correct track by braking individual wheels.


Electronic differential shutter

ASR – anti-slip regulation

Automatically regulates the extent of the slip on one or more driving wheels during start-up or acceleration.

Key-free unlocking

Automatic unlocking and locking of the doors without having to take the key out of the pocket. Škoda vehicles are also equipped with key-free engine start-up using the start/stop button.

Bi-xenon headlights

The xenon lamp provides extraordinarily high light intensity and thus the driver can see potential obstacles on the road and respond to them. The bi-xenon headlight is a special type of a xenon headlight. It creates light for both passing and distance lights using one xenon lamp.

Central locking

Central locking makes locking and unlocking the car easier.

Remote control central locking

Remote-controlled locking and unlocking of the car by pressing buttons on the car key.

Rain sensor

Automatic wiper start-up sensor. The sensor starts the wipers according to the rain intensity and controls their speed.

Electrically heated windshield

Tyre pressure control

Informs the driver of the pressure loss in the tyres.

Swivelling headlamps

Headlamps that can better illuminate the road and thus expose a potential risk.

Panoramic roof

Large roof window.

Front fog-lamps

Front fog-lamps for better visibility in fog.

Tyre pressure sensor

Informs the driver of the pressure loss in the tyres.

Xenon headlights

The xenon lamp provides extraordinarily high light intensity and thus the driver can see potential obstacles on the road and respond to them. The xenon headlights help the driver when driving at night with their light spectrum that is similar to daylight. The low energy consumption and long service life are an advantage.


A hands-free set that allows making phone calls while driving without the need to hold a phone in one’s hand.


Fixtures for child’s seats that create a firm connection with the vehicle body.

Maxi Dot

A pleasantly illuminated large dot display located on the dashboard to inform you of the current data from the dashboard computer (e.g. current or average consumption, estimated running period, external temperature and exact time). It can also transfer information from the radio, telephone and navigation into the driver’s field of vision. In addition to the many functions, it is maximally transparent and readable.

Multifunctional steering wheel

A steering wheel with buttons for controlling the functions of the radio or the telephone.

Cruise control

Make your long trips easier – get a cruise control. All you need to do is to save the current speed of the vehicle and the control unit will automatically maintain the speed on its own.

CD changer

An independent CD changer will play the CDs you put in the player in an order you determine.

MSR – torque moment regulation

Regulation of the torque when braking with the engine.

Parking sensors

Discreet sensors in one or both bumpers that monitor the distance of obstacles behind and in front of the car and always inform of an imminent collision by an acoustic signal.

Knee airbag

The knee airbag prevents the contact of the knees of the driver with the lower part of the dashboard in case of a collision.

Driver’s and passenger’s airbags

The large front airbags increase the safety of passengers in the front seats.

Side airbags

The driver and passenger’s pelvis and chest are protected by side airbags located in the sides of the seats in case of a side collision.

Head airbags

The head airbags cover the area of the side windows to the front or rear post in case of a side collision.

Independent heating

The independent heating works independently of the engine operation and it provides a very fast heating or cooling of the vehicle interior when activated. The activation of the system can be easily programmed for a selected period.


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