Why Das WeltAuto?

Used cars you can trust. This slogan has been an inseparable attribute of the auto-plus brand for 11 years. During that time, auto-plus dealers have sold more than 120,000 certified used vehicles and thus completely fulfilled the vision of the brand that is unique on the Czech market. The auto-plus brand has built a great position on the Czech market thanks to its concept, wide dealership network and namely high quality of the offered services. And that position will now be transferred to the global Das WeltAuto brand.

Reasons for buying a vehicle from Das WeltAuto

  • Guaranteed Car Mileage and Origins
    The Seller guarantees the verified origins of the car and corresponding mileage.
  • 12/24 Warranty
    The car is always offered with warranty. The Seller offers warranty with each vehicle of up to five years old, with a mileage of up to 150,000 km and with a verified service condition of the vehicle based on a thorough technical inspection.
  • Technical Quality Check
    Das WeltAuto guarantees the technical condition of the vehicle upon sale. The Seller uses the assistance of a service technician from an authorized service to evaluate the technical condition and all is recorded in the “Report on the Technical Condition of the Vehicle”.
  • Trade-in
    It is a matter of course for our customers to trade in their cars.
  • Preferred Financing and Insurance
    Das WeltAuto offers the option to use the preferred financing by Volkswagen Financial Services.
  • Professional Vehicle ReconditioningVehicle reconditioning is similar to the presale service in new vehicles.
  • Mobility Guarantee
    The mobility guarantee applies the same as in case of new vehicles that regularly visit an authorized service, according to the producer’s terms and conditions. The mobility guarantee may be renewed with Das WeltAuto.
  • Right of Exchange
    A great benefit for the customer who finds out that the purchased car is not quite what he expected. He can exchange the vehicle with the Seller for a vehicle of the same value or more expensive in 3 days with a maximum mileage of 500 km. However, the Seller has the right to charge an administrative fee that does not exceed CZK 1,000 per day.
  • Vehicle Customization
    It is possible to purchase original accessories and parts for a preferred price with the purchased vehicle. The customer is presented with the offer of an authorized service.

A fundamental change is the key to bright future. The network of auto-plus dealers is moving under the wings of the global Das WeltAuto programme which is a part of an ambitious development strategy by the Volkswagen Concern. The aim is to increase the quality of sale of used cars to the level of the trade with new vehicles. This change includes the gradual acceptance of the name of Das WeltAuto that will happen in the entire network of used-car dealerships who has are represented under the auto-plus brand so far. The change in the name is only one piece in the mosaic of changes that will accompany the transfer under the Das WeltAuto programme. It is necessary to point out that all the changes and innovations within the programme are strongly oriented to the improvement of quality of services related both to the sale of vehicles and after-sale services.

“After ten years of successfully building the auto-plus brand, the time for a change has come,” says Roman Filip, the Head of the auto-plus Import VOLKSWAGEN Group Department. “We are prepared to offer our customers even higher-quality services related to the sale and purchase of used cars and we also want our customers not to perceive any differences between buying a new or a used vehicle when it comes to the approach of dealers and the services provided. To make this change in shifting the Czech market with used vehicles to the global level sufficiently visible, we decided to cover the newly designed sales network with a concern brand for the sale of high-quality used cars – Das WeltAuto.”

The contribution for the customer of the Das WeltAuto used-car sale programme will thus be a bit higher than in case of auto-plus. The greatest bonus and a mark of quality is the free extended warranty to each vehicle of up to five years old with a mileage of up to 150,000 kilometres. This warranty is provided by Car Garantie, a company that has successfully cooperated also with auto-plus. So, the name, standards and services are brand new and they have no competition on the Czech market with used cars.

Thanks to the long-term experience with the sale of used cars, Das WeltAuto has the potential to fulfil the various wishes of all customers, which should be supported by the new standards and visions based on the successful operation of auto-plus.

“Das WeltAuto. Used cars you can trust. Guaranteed.” –
this is the promise made to all customers by the current auto-plus dealers starting in spring. The transformation of auto-plus to Das WeltAuto will be carried out gradually during the first half of 2012. Customers will remain in the centre of attention – and they can now look forward to even better services thanks to the specifically trained staff. The concern brand for the sale of used cars with a global scope of activity will introduce more elaborate standards of the sale of used cars that will be unsurpassed on the Czech market. One of the news is the standardly provided annual used-car warranty, mobility warranty for corresponding cars and the possibility to replace the vehicle in case of dissatisfaction with the fulfilment of the arranged conditions.


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